Healing Oils of The Bible – DVD


The Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education (CARE) is anon-secular educational organization.  CARE is dedicated to assembling research and disseminating information on the healing properties and therapeutic applications of essential oils.  CARE does this by sponsoring seminars and workshops.  Also through books and DVD’s we are able to get this information to those that seek it.

The DVD, Healing Oils of the Bible is available to those that wish to learn how essential oils were used in Biblical Days and current uses. In addition learn about the History of Anointing with Essential Oils.  You can use this DVD along with the book to teach a class to those that wish to learn about how essential oils were used in Biblical Days.  The DVD will walk you through how to teach this class to those that want to learn more.

One can learn how Cedarwood was used and how perhaps Biblical Priests had a sense about reflexology.  In addition one can learn how the essential oil of Spikenard was used to anoint.

Additionally  learn about the 12 Oils of Ancient Scripture;  Frankincense, Myrrh, Spikenard, Cedarwood, Sandlewood, Cistus and more!

Add this DVD to your personal library.  Also available is the book Healing Oils of The Bible.  Therefore you can use Healing Oils of the Bible book in conjunction with the DVD.  You can find the book in our CARE Intensive Resources/books..



Price: $29.95

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