Feelings Buried Alive Never Die

by Karol Truman
Feelings Buried Alive Never Die is an excellent resource for personal growth.  This book covers the link between physical health and the buried emotions.  Practical techniques for getting in touch with one’s emotions and healing one’s problems.

Feelings Buried Alive never Die is a great book to add to your personal library.  This book covers emotions and what physical issues can happen when you don’t deal with the emotions you have buried.  Furthermore this book is a great pair with Emotional Release DVD.

Anyone working on their Self-Care will benefit with adding this book to their resources.  Find the emotional issue that may be the cause of your physical issue.  Example:  when we have anger issues it may turn into a physical problem with the liver.  Read this book to find out why these feelings started.  Then learn how to transform the feelings so that you can move forward.  There is a script available that one can go over on a daily basis.  It is included in the book.

The Center For Aromatherapy Research and Education, (CARE) offers a 25 hour CARE Intensive.  For hands on training one can take a five hour Emotional Release class from CARE.  Being a preferred provider for the NCBTMB students can receive five hours of continuing education.    Go to classes and find a CARE Intensive near you.

Price: $17.95

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