Body Systems, Facial Beauty Harmonics/Color, Bible Oils VRT – Bartlesville, OK, September 16-20, 2021

Join Master Aroma Sounds Instructor Penny Cosner in Bartlesville, OK for Raindrop Harmonics Classes.   Penny will be teaching Body Systems VRT, Facial Beauty Harmonics/Color and Bible Oils VRT.   Penny has been doing massage for 19 years.  Additionally she has been teaching Raindrop Harmonics for 11 years.  Penny will be in Bartlesville, OK, September 16-20, 2021.

Body Systems Vibrational Raindrop Technique will be a 12 hours hands-on and lecture seminar.  Planetary Classic tuning forks will be used along with the different body systems.

Participants completing this training will:
~Learn about the different body systems including: lung, joints & bones, liver, hormone balance, colon/digestive, and more
~Also receive information on lymphatic drainage
~Furthermore learn the essential oils used in each of the Body Systems protocols
~Lastly give two VRT’s and receive one Body System VRT with the system of their choice

Facial Beauty Harmonics/Color – This is a eight hour hands on lecture, Self-Care class.  Eight hours of continuing education through the NCBTMB in self care.

Imagine getting a natural facial rejuvenation with the power of harmonizing simple tools.  So come with me on the journey to balancing your inner beauty in a non-invasive self-care technique.  Additionally this training will teach you how to use the proper tools made specifically to balance your inner beauty.  Most importantly it will take you to a deeper understanding of how your outward appearance is connected to your inner harmony.  Join us in exploring this powerful yet simple way to bring wellness to a deeper level.  This truly is “beauty from the inside out”.

Students will be using Young Living skin care products to do facials on themselves.  Everyone will have access to use a penlight with color filters in class.  Most importantly this is a Self Care class, everyone will be working on themselves.

Bible Oils VRT will be a 12 hour hands-on and lecture seminar using the 12 Oils of Ancient Scripture essential oils. Must have taken Planetary Classic to take Bible Oils.

Participants completing this advanced training will:

~Learn practical applications of Oils of Ancient Scripture VRT with tuning forks
~Review the Oils of Ancient Scripture
~Learn how to apply the Bible Oils VRT
~Give and receive a Bible Oils VRT
~Lastly, learn a special anointing with The Lord’s Prayer


Aroma Sounds was founded by Dr. Christi Bonds-Garrett in 2011.  Dr. Bonds-Garrett has a family practice in Paducah, KY.  She has devoted many years to putting the Raindrop Harmonics curriculum together.

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