Planetary Classic VRT, Chakra VRT and Chromatic VRT – Bartlesville, OK, March 25-29, 2021

Join Master Aroma Sounds Instructor Penny Cosner for Planetary VRT,  Chakra VRT and Chromatic VRT.  Penny is a massage therapist.   She has been doing massage for 19 years.  In addition she has been teaching Raindrop Harmonics for ten years.  Penny will be in Bartlesville, OK, March 25-29, 2021.

Planetary Classic Vibrational Raindrop Technique – This is a 12-hour hands-on and lecture seminar in applying tuning forks with a Classical Raindrop.   12 hours of education in practical applications of essential oils with tuning forks.

Participants completing Planetary Classic training will:

  • Understand vibrational sound, frequency, and form
  • Understand tonal intervals, energetic’s, and tuning forks
  • Locate points for Tuning Fork Placement
  • And identify properties and frequencies of essential oils used in Raindrop
  • Learn how essential oils applied with intention are “tuned in” with intervals
  • Acquire skills in handling tuning forks and essential oils in Raindrop application
  •  Finally students will learn to do Vibrational Raindrop and receive a Vibrational Raindrop

Chakra VRT –  This will be a 12 hour hands-on and lecture seminar.  It will cover Sacred Geometry, Chakra Balancing and Auricular VRT.

Students completing Chakra VRT/Auricular VRT/Sacred Geometry will:

  • Learn how to access the Neuro Endocrine Centers (NEC).
  • Learn how to identify and remove blockages from the energy fields.
  • In addition they will learn Vibrational Auricular Technique (VAT).
  • Students will also learn Sacred Geometry and the use of Gemstones and Crystals.
  • And finally everyone will give and receive Auricular VRT and learn how to balance the Chakra’s.

Chromatic VRT –  This will be a 12 hour class.  Students will learn the history of color.   In addition they will learn how colors are related to different illnesses and ailments.  Lastly everyone will receive a Chromatic Raindrop and give two.

Student’s will receive a certificate of participation for each class.  However, these certificates do not certify the students to perform the techniques and charge.  Therefore there is a program the students can pursue to become Certified Raindrop Harmonics Specialists.  Contact Penny for more information on becoming a CRHS.


Aroma Sounds was founded by Dr. Christi Bonds-Garrett in 2011.  Dr. Bonds-Garrett has a family practice in Paducah, KY.  She has devoted many years to putting the curriculum for the these classes together.

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