Healing For The Age Of Enlightenment- Applied Vitaflex

by Stanley Burroughs
Stanley Burroughs brought Vitaflex to the U.S.  It is a Tibetan modality using the reflex points and essential oils.  Anyone wanting to learn more, this is the book for you.  This book also has information on color therapy and the lemonade cleansing diet.

If you are wanting to add another “tool” to your tool box this is a great one.  You will learn many different techniques on the reflex points in many different locations of the body.  Besides the vitaflex you can learn about color therapy and the Master Cleanse.  If you want to add essential oils to the reflex points,  pair this book with the Applied Vitaflex DVD.

Besides the book and DVD, find a class near you!  If you learn better from hands on training take a four hour class and learn 13 different techniques.

Price: $24.95
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