Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple

By Dr. David Stewart
Chemistry of Essential Oils made Simple is the most comprehensive and easy-to-read essential oils chemistry book ever published.  Questions you may have are answered in scientific terms that you will enjoy and understand.

If you have wanted to learn about the chemistry of Essential Oils this is the book for you.  My past students have said this book is a game changer!   They “Got It”, after reading this book they understood how the essential oils worked and why they worked.  One doesn’t  have to be a chemist or work in a lab to understand this book.  Learning about the hundreds of constituents of essential oils was a game changer.   Beta-caryophyllene is a constituent for inflammation.  This constituent is found in Copiaba.  Learn this and more in The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple.

Furthermore this book will answer those long awaited questions.  It will address questions like does heat and cold have an affect on the oils.  In addition it will cover questions such as what are the PMS of essential oils.

After reading this book you may want to take a Chemistry of Essential Oils class.  The Center For Aromatherapy Research and Education, (CARE) offers the Chemistry class and more!  Click on classes and look for 25 Hour CARE Intensive.  CARE is a preferred provider for the NCBTMB.  The chemistry of essential oils class is a six hour class and therefore worth six hours of continuing education.

Price: $49.95

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