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Raindrop Technique the Dallas Version

As taught by Dr. Gary Young in Dallas, 2000. Everything you need to know to do raindrop – theory and practice. Includes a full set of notes. Learn the history behind the Raindrop Technique as D Gary Young integrated essential oils into this technique.  Review the essential oils that are used in Raindrop and learn More Info »
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Healing Oils of The Bible - DVD

Learn about the History of Anointing with Essential Oils.  You can use this DVD along with the book to teach a class to those that wish to learn about how essential oils were used in Biblical Days. Learn how Cedarwood was used and how perhaps Biblical Priests had a sense about reflexology. Learn about the More Info »
Price: $29.95

Emotional Release With Essential Oils - DVD

Emotional Release with Essential Oils includes a lecture by Dr. David Stewart, which is a normal part of every CARE Class on emotional release and was actually filmed during such a class. The lecture includes the science, theory, and art of emotional releasing along with a review of various useful resources and how to use More Info »
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Applied Vitaflex - Vitality Through The Reflexes

Theory and practice of Applied Vitaflex as used in Raindrop and ten applications for immune, circulatory, digestive, nervous, lymphatic, skeletal, auditory, and respiratory systems. Includes a full set of notes. Those viewing this DVD will learn who brought Vitaflex to the US and where this modality came from.  There are 13 different techniques taught using More Info »
Price: $29.95

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